Precision Motor That Makes Sense

Corporate History

Epoch Electronics was founded in 1997. Specialized in development and production of precision motors, Epoch has manufactured millions of motors that run IT and audio/video products from many of the world’s top labels, such as Canon, Epson, HP, Matsushita, Panasonic, Minolta, etc.

Why choose Epoch

With the experiences gained and lessons learned, Epoch has evolved along with the change in business landscape. Today market leaders in a more extensive array of industries are counting on Epoch products for quality and reliability.

Epoch Value

Contrary to the accounting definition of asset, Epoch’s self-assessed true assets are the drive to make continuous improvement in customized solutions and the integrity to address the challenges encountered. Epoch does not cut corners. Therefore customers can rest assured about the certainty of what is delivered. For makers of final goods, this means that product risk can be minimized.

Motor Applications

Epoch motors are used for precision adjustment and control of position and speed. Companies that make different types of scanners and printers, medical and sport equipment, banking, measuring, lighting, gaming devices, zooming and automobile lighting modules, are examples of users that require reliable motor control.

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